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Bus Reservation System

Easily manage business operations, analyze business, performance, and respond to your customers’ requests faster than ever.

Benefits of Bus Reservation System

Features At A Glance

This lets in for the automation of workflows and for operations to be performed extra quickly.

Counter/Staff Ticketing

He/She answers questions on travel arrangements such as routes and time schedules. He/She makes and confirms reservations.


What is bus ticketing? Fare collection for bus services around the globe has involved issuing paper tickets in exchange for cash and expensive fare boxes


Maintenance is the process of maintaining something or somebody. It may mean the state of being maintained.

Driver App

Human resources is the set of people who make up the workforce of an organization, business sector, industry, or economy.

Marketplace Website

Calculate you’re per day sales & purchase every day in the end time of closing the store, assume & maintain your monthly profits & losses.

Website for Customer

web-ˌsīt. : a group of World Wide Web pages usually containing links to each other and made available online by an individual.


Business administration is the process of organizing the business's personnel.


A booking contains details such as the space, time and date of your event or meeting. A reservation contains a description of the event as well as contact information.

Bus Tracker

Payroll is the compensation a business must pay to its employees for a set period and on a given date.

Administration for Each Operator

Powerful user and role management system. Predefined roles – Admin & Cashier. Create different Roles with permission as per your need.

Native Android App

A native application is a software program developers build for use on a particular platform or device.

Native iOS App

Native mobile apps are applications developed to target either Android or iOS.

Employee Management

Effective employee management is the ability of the manager of a company or enterprise to motivate, encourage, communicate.

Android POS Based Counter

With an Inventory Management system, you can control stock, purchase, and sale information. Available before running out any product.

Marketplace Administration

You can intregrate nextzen system to your website. You can manage from in one place.

Agent Ticketing

The job duties of a ticketing agent are to greet passengers at the airline check-in desk or gate.

Fuel Management

Act or practice of controlling flammability and reducing resistance to control of wildland fuels through mechanical.


nventory refers to all the items, goods, merchandise, and materials held by a business for selling in the market to earn a profit.

Commission Management

Manage the cost center & profit center of multiple companies.

Parcel Booking System

Manage the cost center & profit center of multiple companies.

Benifits of

Point of Sale Management Software

Easily manage business operations, analyze business, performance
and respond to your customers’ requests faster than ever.

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