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Benifits of Best College Management Software

Features At A Glance

This lets in for the automation of workflows and for operations to be performed extra quickly.

Multiuser Account

Multiuser account refers to the ability to create multiple user accounts within a single system.

Parent Monitor

Parent monitor refers to a system that allows parents or guardians to monitor the academic progress and behavior of their children in an educational setting.

HR Management

Human resources (HR) is the department or function within an organization responsible for managing and developing the human capital of the organization.

Lesson Plan

A lesson plan is a structured outline that details the objectives, content, and activities of a specific instructional session.

Gmeet Live Classes

Gmeet Live Classes are a type of online learning that enables educators to host virtual classes with students in real-time through Google Meet.

Expenses Management

Expense management is the process of tracking and managing an organization's expenses, including costs related to operations

Website Management

Website management involves overseeing the design, development, and maintenance of a website.

Multi Branch

Multi-branch refers to an organization or business that operates across multiple locations or branches.

Exam Management

Exam management refers to the process of managing and organizing exams for students.

ID Card Print

ID card refers to the process of printing customized identification cards, admission cards.

Media Manager

A media manager is responsible for overseeing and organizing the digital media assets of an organization, such as photos, videos, and audio files.

Office Reception

The office reception is the area in a workplace where visitors and clients are greeted and received.

Library Management

Library management is the process of organizing and maintaining a library's resources and services.

Remote & Online Access

Nextzen Sales management is an online and offline system. The offline version has the same features as the online version has.

Student Management

Student management involves organizing and overseeing student activities, records, and progress within an educational institution.

Result Management

Result management refers to the process of managing and analyzing student academic performance data to generate reports and insights.

Report Export & Print

With an Inventory Management system, you can control stock, purchase, and sale information. Available before running out any product.

Institute Examinations

Institute examinations are assessments conducted by educational institutions to evaluate the knowledge, skills, and understanding of students.

Contents Center

A content center is a centralized hub for creating and managing digital content, such as articles, videos, and images.

Certificate Print

Certificate print refers to the process of producing and printing certificates for individuals who have completed a program, course, or training.

Admit Card/Marksheet Print

Admit card and marksheet printing refers to the process of generating and printing these important documents for students.

Fees Management

Frees management refers to the practice of delegating authority and decision-making to employees in order to promote autonomy and self-direction.

Transport Management

Transport management involves the planning, coordination, and control of transportation operations, including the movement of people.

Online Paypal payment

Online PayPal payment refers to the process of making payments online using the PayPal payment gateway.


Attendance refers to the act of being present and engaged in an educational setting, such as a school, college, or university.

Income Management

Income management is the process of tracking and managing an organization's income, including revenue from sales, investments, and other sources.

Hostel Management

Hostel management is the process of managing and overseeing the operations of a hostel or dormitory.

More 100+ Features..

The term "100+ features" generally refers to software applications that offer a wide range of features and functionalities to users.

Benifits of Best College Management Software

College Management Software

Nextzen builds the platform of digital learning. So, grab the opportunity
to run your educational institution with online classes and exams.
Class attendances, class routine, leaves, result, payroll, etc all are Best College Management Software.

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